The Mod Bolero by Catherine Malandrino

This post should actually be called “The Bolero” as this particular article of clothing is almost nonexistent in our fashion timeline making it difficult to categorize the beautiful little jackets as “mod” as… Continue reading

For the Love of Summer: Hoffman ’13

Here I am during what I have already decided is a Sunday during Fall 2012 (although the weather is defying me in every way possible) and suddenly, I encounter Spring and Summer of… Continue reading

Som ’13

NYFW has begun. So far I’m not elated with the inventory (with the exception of P. Som of course). 2012 has proven to be a strong year for fashion and the Spring/Summer 2013… Continue reading

Fashion Night Out

Fashion Night Out has become my favorite night of the year. I channeled Miu Miu Fall 2012 for my ensemble: paisley printed cropped pants with peep-toed platforms and a bell-sleeved silk blouse. Everything… Continue reading

artistic associations.

I came across the photograph above a couple of days ago and it made my heart flutter. Something inside me clicked and all of a sudden I was sitting in my Women of… Continue reading

Savage Beauty – Alexander McQueen – MET

For my first review I will be covering something close to my heart. A show that managed to pull me out of Miami, onto a plane and to New York City for the… Continue reading

Bastille Day– One day late because I enjoyed it that much.

Anyone who knows me even casually knows that I have an obsession with France. Not the typical cliché, I’m-going-to-decorate-my-bedroom-in-black-white-and-eiffel-towers obsession, but a true francophilian obsession of liberté, eternité, fraternité dedication. The first time… Continue reading


I think these speak for themselves. I would like to thank my lucky [50] stars that I can express my political views through sartorial goodness like this. Even if they project a “wishy-washy”… Continue reading

Summer in Miami…

…can be incredibly temperamental. Steamy and sunny every morning, windy and rainy every afternoon. Lately, it’s been even worse, no sun on the weekends at all. Today has been an especially rainy day… Continue reading

the hyperextended heel via walter steiger

I was just reviewing my Instagram feed (which, by the way, I am completely addicted to) and came across this beaut posted by @bergdorfs. I’m not quite sure what has recently attracted me… Continue reading

Today I feel like…

Willem de Kooning’s Woman I. It has been a hell of a day at work, I did NOT make it to yoga (let’s not dwell on the fact that this was because I… Continue reading

Chanel and her Little Black Jacket

I truly enjoy this idea. To think that one piece of clothing can be so coveted (generation after generation), symbolic, and all the while, simple. The Little Black Jacket has become an exhibition,… Continue reading


I have a new-found obsession with high-waisted bikinis. It might be because my 23 year old abdomen doesn’t look quite as good as my 22 year old abdomen (no matter how many planks… Continue reading


I came across a lovely artist’s work today. I found the likes of her beautiful watercolor prints on Pinterest, just about the most obvious place to find inspiration, as everything is beautiful. This… Continue reading

the beginning.

I suppose the only way to start something you hope to make brilliant is to actually begin. I have been dancing around the idea of a blog since 2008 when I took my… Continue reading