the hyperextended heel via walter steiger


I was just reviewing my Instagram feed (which, by the way, I am completely addicted to) and came across this beaut posted by @bergdorfs. I’m not quite sure what has recently attracted me to this odd-shaped heel. Of course,  we recognize the shape from the famous Armadillo Shoe by none other than the late Alexander McQueen. Yes that is capital “A,” capital “S,” Armadillo Shoe. We’ve all admired them and wondered if we could walk in them if we were presented with the opportunity. Some of us (me) even have a miniature replica of the beloved Armadillo placed on our desks. It is a teeny-tiny representation of my love for fashion.

Walter makes the special heel expected, yet un. Did you get that? You can wear these pumps to work people, and not even get awful glares as you’re trying to walk in them (as can be expected with the Armadillo). When I began my vigorous search for everything Walter Steiger I found these on sale at Barneys. Hello, oddly shaped peep-toe nudes.

Photo: Bergdorf Goodman via Instagram altered by me with ShakitPhoto