Bastille Day– One day late because I enjoyed it that much.

Anyone who knows me even casually knows that I have an obsession with France. Not the typical cliché, I’m-going-to-decorate-my-bedroom-in-black-white-and-eiffel-towers obsession, but a true francophilian obsession of liberté, eternité, fraternité dedication. The first time I mentioned France was in 1993, I was 4 years old. According to my Mother, I made some type of bold statement like: “I want to live in France and make dresses.” This obsession has grown steadily throughout the years; I have taken many French courses (7 years in total) and dream about going all the time.

This year, I celebrated Bastille Day in a small French restaurant in town called Le Buchon de Grove. I was introduced to this restaurant by my closest friend a couple of years ago and had never been back till last night. It was a dreamy evening, I felt like I was sitting in a restaurant along the Seine instead of in Coconut Grove. The waiters (and chef and hostesses) were all French and had the attitude to prove it. Thankfully we were waited on by someone who had the patience to listen to me order in French. We were given complimentary champagne, ordered authentic French dishes like soupe à l’oignon and an assiette de charcuterie, and even got to see can-can dancers perform on the sidewalk. We dreamed about planning a trip to Paris and I have to say, the ambiance was so authentic, I felt like I was already there.

Till then, I will continue dreaming.

Eugène Delacroix Liberty Leading the People 1830