For the Love of Summer: Hoffman ’13

Here I am during what I have already decided is a Sunday during Fall 2012 (although the weather is defying me in every way possible) and suddenly, I encounter Spring and Summer of 2013. You see, in my mind, once Labor Day has passed Fall immediately begins. I understand that the Summer solstice actually ends on September 21st however, I choose to believe that we have entered the Fall season for numerous reasons: 1) I am undeniably eager to begin wearing knitted sweaters, leather tights, velvet smoking slippers etc. and 2) I abide by the age-old rule forbidding the use (read: wear) of white after Labor Day. More on the white after Labor Day fiasco later.

We can most certainly conclude that I am bound by the unwritten rules of sartorialism, that each season bears clothing that should pertain solely to that season and not be worn in the forthcoming equinox or solstice.

Enter Mara Hoffman Spring and Summer 2013 Ready to Wear collection and I am suddenly yearning for the days gone by. Hoffman knows Spring and she most definitely knows Summer. There must be some oversight to her collection in the fashion industry; she is known for the Mara Hoffman bikini, we’ve all seen it. Today, she presented Summer and I’m sure left everyone wanting just a little bit more.



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