The Mod Bolero by Catherine Malandrino

This post should actually be called “The Bolero” as this particular article of clothing is almost nonexistent in our fashion timeline making it difficult to categorize the beautiful little jackets as “mod” as there is no equivalent. The bolero is actually something I would think to be cumbersome. It does not constitute the form of a jacket or coat as it is is cut very high, usually the hem falls just above one’s navel, therefore it cannot keep you warm. There is also the question of closure: zipper, buttons or nothing at all? Let us not ask the question of what season we would categorize the bolero under; that would be a difficult feat and would ultimately leave me torn between one season or another.

Malandrino proves that cumbersome can be quite simple. The vehicle of her simplicity? A knitted form of eyelet making the bolero as organic as possible (see below). The shape and color reminiscent of the sixties.


As if introducing a desirable, easy-to-wear bolero were not enough, Malandrino introduces the fancy bolero. Artfully printed and worn with ease. Who knew?


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